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Clean Energy: What you can do

January 30, 2010

This post is about as close to political agenda as the purpose of this blog will go, a rare–very rare–exception.  Typically I will only remark about areas needing more attention to basic environmental needs, but the blog will not have a “politics” category. My son was out of high school, before he learned of my political party leanings.  Even then, those leanings were less party orientation, but rather Issues and Policy oriented.  For those who will remember, do I still need to emphasize lower case “i”?

I hate politics.

But, sometimes we can’t avoid it.  Politicians count on us to stay out of politics.  Those with agendas send us the emotional garp, and we vote–if we vote–based on the nonsense hammered into our minds by the agenda spinners commercials.  The following link does its part for spin, a necessity in the US now, but the agenda IS very important to our lives and our future.

On a LinkedIn group I posted a question.  It referenced a childhood experience which helped mold my interests in conservation. The following is from my comment for the discussion:

I’ve been aware of conservation needs since I was 8-years-old, 50 years ago. It was a map of air pollution in Colorado, at the local National Weather Service station. Since then, the Denver, Colo. Springs, Pueblo strip has pretty much grown into a strip city. 50 years ago the Springs population was 55,000.

One thing I noticed when flying into the Springs years later were countless small coal power electric generating plants spewing garbage into the atmosphere.

The comment demonstrates what traditional “as usual” business philosophies do.  The countless coal-powered electric generating plants was the industry’s way to circumvent clean air laws.  It’s another battle–and, hopefully corrected through the proposed law–but this garbage must stop.

Thanks to Lynn Hasselberger at:  (

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