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Linked-In Ready to Implode

August 26, 2011

Are you like me? Get excited about something, use it every day and then, every week? Then, oh, whenever… I did that with Linked-In. I opened an account about 3 years ago and religiously followed it, started conversations; linked to fellow employees, new people, and thought I was networking for a better position.

Then, the hawkers found me, and my groups. Linked-In started nagging for more information, my resume was only 80% complete; then it was only 70%. The nagging became irritating. I belonged to roughly 20 groups. I tried each for conversations. Two or three had active members. It was fun for a while. The hawkers drowned us out. I stayed away from my profile.

I was down to one group that I could converse in–none of the conversation was business improvement. Another group used Linked-In for announcements only. I had it on my forward list because it happened to be the “Announcement Page” of my Washington State Landscape Architect’s group.

The Recession–the one that never went away–of 2008 was deep six-ing any people and businesses in the construction industry. I went to a job seminar put on by a professional consultant. One observation he made that stuck to me like a tick was: “Do you really want your employer to know that you are looking for work?” That could be an issue, but my past employers, both, encouraged joining Linked-In for the business advertising. No, make my resume generic and “bloomy”, and my old bosses will love it. New employers will love it too.

A couple of weeks ago a Linked-In invitation showed up on a Yahoo group I belong to. This group is purely fun and games.  The member who was mortified by his error was just as furious. Well, today I saw how this poor victim was whamboozled. After a couple of months of abstinence, I opened my Linked-In Profile … And, there was the potential cause of future embarrassment.

The Linked-In  “Nags Window” wanted my email password so Linked-In could contact my contacts for me, to “Invite [my friends] to join Linked-In.”

Instead, I methodically went through my profile, resume, and edited it down to basic, minimum information. My “Summary” says: “I no longer use Linked-In. You may contact me at: .”

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