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I retired, but only my licenses

June 9, 2017

This spring, 2017, my Washington Landscape Architects license came up for renewal. Various others I had were retired over the past several years. It is costly, and uncomfortable legally, to keep a certification that has not been used for a year or two previously. So too, with WA #504, earned in 1989.

Landscape design is a lifelong avocation. I intend to post more tid-bits of knowledge, when I am inspired, or see when a “tip” can help other people working to improve the world we all participate in protecting. The landscape technically matures about the age when architecture presently feels its life term ending, planned obsolescence. That is hard to accept, and petunias (literally and figuratively) are a poor choice for landscapes.

Years ago when I was just learning to work for income after school and during weekends, I found employment with a ‘landscape architect’ who preceded the legal certification. Wheelock Wilson was a cranky old man of 83 and had plied his trade for 43 years when I slipped into an eyeful in 1966 at the energetic age of 15. For several months my mentor expounded on landscape in the Midwest, pointing out farms he planted in the 1920’s, elms he replaced for the original owners who lived down the block from me. Those owners sad to see an old friend leave had hired him to replace the lost tree. Mr. Wilson directed his crew to plant the new tree in the same location, because good design does not change.

I will continue working to see choices, and directives, that instill this pride of ownership for a lifetime.

Thanks for the great times of stomach acid, late and 72-hour all-niters. And, thanks to all who shared the great times with me. It was fun playing Real Monopoly; and being paid to do it, in real money.

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