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Providing personal, sensitive landscape architectural services for the Puget Sound region of Washington State.

H. Bruce McCrory, hbm design – Phone: 253.293.8544, Email: Registered Landscape Architect: WA #504


Based in Federal Way, Washington, between Tacoma and Seattle, I have provided development design and planning services in the west coast states, principally the Puget Sound area, since 1979.

The blog has two objectives: 

First, is to share observations of over 30 years in designing buildings and outdoor living spaces;  provide solutions to common outdoor questions, or economical improvements that effectively reduce waste.  I feel it is time to record and distribute my experiences for the benefit of people who have freely given me their experiences and knowledge. Some of those observations passed to me span over a hundred years.  Many land use solutions don’t need, or warrant, the cost of a consultant.

The second objective is to advertise my professional services.  I am paid for my knowledge and expertise to resolve complex environmental concerns.  My career has been rewarding. It continually evolves.  Understanding the complexities of my services makes my work easier and cost-effective for everyone involved.  

 The world is a beautiful place.  I enjoy sharing observations that contribute to this beauty.  My hope is that readers also find the information useful and enjoyable.

H. Bruce McCrory, RLA


Professional Services

Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design, Site Planning 

hbm design offers over 20 years of expertise in public, residential and commercial consultation in landscape architecture, site planning, and native environmental design.


Full Commercial and Residential consultation and design services

Conceptual, Preliminary, Construction documents

Master planning, Site design

Environmental restoration design

Efficient, functional design with focus on our health and well-being

Irrigation design

Outdoor furnishings design

Zoning and Building Code research

Material and cost estimates

Construction observation

Contractor selection assistance       

 Please call or email to review your needs and arrange a meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.

H. Bruce McCrory, Principal  hbm design  
- Phone: 253.293.8544  Email:


Registered Landscape Architect: WA #504
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